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Property Management

Feldi Property Agents- Your Premium Property Specialists

FELDI Property Agents have been strategically developed as a specialist company, exclusively selling and leasing premium property. By investing in extensive research, we have achieved an unparalleled level of expertise.

Flawless service and selective marketing set us apart from our competitors, but it is our knowledge that ultimately reassures. FELDI Property Agents seamlessly brings together these important elements and our commitment secures our clients' trust for what is undoubtedly a significant investment decision. FELDI Property Agents specializes in the leasing and selling of premium Residential properties in Sydney to the design conscious market .When marketing a new rental property our unrivalled insight and experience allow us to pinpoint the demographic most likely to lease it.

Making management of your property easy

At FELDI Property Agents we take all control of your property investment to save you time and effort, while at the same time working towards your long term objectives of capital growth and asset management.

The need for keeping our owners informed and up to date with current rental market is important to us, which we will endeavour to do with minimum of fuss. We will achieve maximum return on your investments by understanding the market and implementing the skills necessary to negotiate the best possible rental return. We are constantly monitoring the market and initiating appropriate reviews depending on the market conditions at any point of time.

Marketing your property

FELDI actively market properties for lease by drawing on a number of resources, including:

  • highly regarded websites at www.domain.com.au, www.realestate.com.au, www.feldiproperty.com
  • contacting potential applicants on our database
  • our word of mouth reputation as a provider of quality rental accommodation

Selecting the preferred tenant

Taking the care to respond to your instructions in tenant selection bring mutual benefits such as;

  • credit check through Trading Reference Australia
  • employment checks
  • rental history
  • current or previous references from landlord
  • 100 points check on ID

Entering into a lease agreement

At FELDI all tenants must sign a formal Residential Tenancy Agreement. Feldi property supplies the lease that complies with Residential Tenancy Act 2010. Provision is made to include additional clauses as agreed by both parties.

Next a Condition report and Inventory Report is prepared by Feldi Property for the resident.

At the time of signing a lease and the Condition and Inventory Report the tenant pays 1 months rent in advance plus 4 weeks rent which is lodged with the Department of Fair Trading as the bond.

Collecting the rent

Our tenants are offered easy ways to pay rent:

  • electronic funds transfer from salary or via internet
  • by using a quick DEFT payment system

The vast majority of tenants pay rent promptly, however at times some require encouragement. Our active rent arrears system includes telephone contact, a visit to the property and as a last resort, termination notice of 15 days plus postage.

Property Inspections

We advise our tenants in writing of a forth coming inspections and we invite them to be present during our visit. Our property inspections are carried out within the first three months of the tenant taking possession and then every six- twelve months.

A written report is then supplied after each formal inspection.

Repairs and Maintenance

At FELDI Property Agents our policy is to immediately contact owners to address repairs and maintenance matters no matter how small the problem may by.

FELDI Property Agents use suitable, qualified trade's people to attend to approved job orders.

Easy payment delivery 

Owners are paid on the last working day of each month by electronic funds directly into a nominated back account. Payment is confirmed with a tax invoice sent by email or post.